Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Super Easy Cleansing Milk - Fresh Food For the Skin!

Making a cleansing milk is probably easier than you think.  I was pleasantly surprised at the results of this simple recipe - after using it, my skin felt soft and clean.  The alpha hydroxy acids in lime and enzymes in the yogurt will ensure cleansing, but will not strip the skin of its natural oils. 

Sure, you could buy a cleansing milk (and it might even come with some sulfates for bubbling purposes) but the real deal - the cleansing milk that Cleaopatra used - consists of FRESH ingredients.  If you feed your body fresh food, why not do the same for your skin?

Here is a vegan recipe:

1 cup soy yogurt
juice of 1 lime
2 t Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I got a little fancy, substituting Pomegranate, Rose Hip, Evening of Primrose for Olive Oil - but olive is just fine, really.  I love it and use it on my skin often.  It is slow to go rancid, meaning it will not age the skin (because it has not gotten stale and oxidized) and it contains plenty of healthy fatty acids.

I also added two drops of (CO2 extracted) carrot seed essential oil.  Carrot seed Oil contains high levels of Beta Carotene, a powerhouse in anti-aging nutrients.  CO2 extraction, also know as supercritical extraction, helps keep the plants' properties intact and preserves the therapeutic benefits of essential oils - as is not always the case in distilled oils.  

One final note:  this cleansing milk will NOT make your face break out... I promise!  As with any food, please keep this refrigerated and discard after a week or so.

Sprouted Sweet Potato

Little did I know that the discount sweet potato that I lazily forgot about would grow into THIS!  After seeing little sprouts pop out a month or so ago, I put the sweetie into a bowl filled with an inch or two of water.  Roots began to form from the bottom, and ivy-like leaves from the top.  

This can be done with all kinds of pits and even root vegetables; avocado pits are especially beautiful.  Usually a toothpick holds the pit so that it sets halfway in a cup of water.  I didn't even do that much; really these root plants are hearty and WANT to live, and in my experience, they grow readily.