Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jicamas !

It think the taste of a Jicama, or Mexican turnip, could be best described as a cross between apples and raw potatoes.  The texture is watery and crisp like an Asian (apple) pear.  It's one of the few vegetables, I think, that most cultures traditionally eat raw.  In Mexico, it is sometimes eaten raw with lime juice and chili powder; in the Philipines with shrimp paste; and in Indonesia, like an apple. 

The jicama is common in Asia, but was cultivated by the Spanish and is most associated with the Americas.  It grows in warm climates, and although the root itself is delicious, the vine is harmful to fish and insects, meaning it has its own natural pesticide qualities.

Jicama Fries
from 12 Steps to Raw by Victoria Boutenko

Serves 4

1 jicama, cut into fry shapes
3 tablespoons olive oil
½ teaspoon sea salt
¼ teaspoon garlic to taste
¼ teaspoon cayenne to taste
1 pinch cumin, to taste

Toss n Serve.

PS: the jicamas pictured are definitely going bad!  My mistake: putting them in the fridge.  Jicamas last longest - sometimes months - when stored in warm, dry places.  I also bought them at a discount produce market, which may have encouraged them to discolor within a week or so of buying them :)

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